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Zeakis' family

The story begins at the end of the 19th century when Giannios Zeakis, my great-grandfather, planted the first olive tree in this field. The daily occupation with the land, the trees but also the nature pushed him to become a great "craftsman" and artist, creating works from stone and wood!

His love for the land, art and philosophy was passed down from generation to generation, coming to the present and the beginning of the 21st century when the first building "Giannios" was built from his grandson Ioannis M. Zeakis and the second "Elena" from Ioannis' son, Michael Zeakis.

The naming is from the names of my children, Giannis and Elena, but above all in honor of my father, Ioannis Zeakis who was inspired by his grandfather Giannios Zeakis to create this project.

I, in turn, loved, continued and completed what we dreamed of!


We are looking forward to welcome you,

Michael Ioannou Zeakis and family




A place - A story - Countless myths ... This is Crete!

The 5th largest island in the Mediterranean, is located at the southern part of Greece. It covers an area of ​​more than 8,000 sq.km. and the population far exceeds 600,000 people. It consists of mountainous areas with small plains while the highest mountain range is Psiloritis (Ida) with 2456m. altitude in the center of the island. The climate is characterized by temperate Mediterranean and because of this populations of rare animals are observed and endemic plants thrive in specific areas.

Crete, since antiquity, challenged with its myths but also its history... Greek mythology defines it as the birthplace of Zeus and other gods while great civilizations flourished for many centuries, like the Minoan in antiquity. Great artists such as Vitsentzos Kornaros, Dominikos Theotokopoulos, Nikos Kazantzakis, Nikos Xylouris and many others were born and created in its soil.

Today, Crete is a fusion of cultures and cultures since other conquerors. The imprint of all is found in the diet as it is a healthy and tasty diet, with recipes that reach our days from the depths of the centuries but also with modern creative interventions, but always made with high quality pure products of the blessed Cretan land.


Its wealth Crete is untold and the only way for someone to get to know it is to visit it...

source: https://www.incrediblecrete.gr/

about the area

Agios Georgios Beach

0.5km from Lotzetta Suites is the beautiful and quite beach of St. Georgios. The road leads to two wonderful beaches of Lychnistis and Kolimbistiri which have crystal clear sea with pebbles. On these beaches, due to their location in southern Crete, the climatic conditions are really so mild that one can enjoy swimming 8 months a year.

Melambes village

8km from Lotzetta Suites is a village with a rich long history, Melambes. The geographical location and altitude of the village in conjunction with a healthy cool and dry climate is one of many natural advantages of the village, which offers a unique stay to visitors. You can see throughout most of the Libyan Sea, the Paximadia islands, Gavdos and most of two provinces Ag. Vassiliou and Amari and the entire plain of Messara.

agios georgios old monastry

1km from Lotzetta Suites is the Monastery. This amazing monastery of Agios Georgios builded in 14th century.  Here you will admire the rare ancient frescoes of the Temple as well as the inclination of the “inclined church” as the experts call it due to the great inclination to the south that has suffered because of its age and the settlement of the soil. But the grace of the Saint and the appropriate human interventions have saved the church from the risk of collapse.

The wider area of the municipality of Agios Vassilios, where Lotzetta Suites are located, south of the region of Rethymno can be characterized as extremely interesting. 
The natural landscape but also the cultural value make this place unique. 
The visitor can relax at the wonderful beaches of Agia Galini (7km from suites), Agios Pavlos (12km from suites), Triopetra (16.5km from suites) but can also tour around villages, learn about history and culture of this place. Plenty of Orthodox Churches from the late Byzantine years till nowadays dominate the area.
At the Melambes Museum of Weaving Art or the Folklore Museum of Melambes the visitor can see the folk art and the "everyday life" of another era. 
In case someone prefers outdoors activities, walking paths - hiking routes and the gorge of Agios Antonios in Vouvala are closed by. 

source: https://melambes.gr/en/category/activities/

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